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The Snippet Designer is a plugin which enhances the Visual Studio IDE to allow a richer and more productive code snippet experience.

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  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Visual Studio 2008


  • A Snippet editor integrated inside of the IDE which supports C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, HTML, XML and SQL
    • Access it by opening any .snippet file or going to File -> New -> File -> Code Snippet File
    • It uses the native Visual Studio code editor so that you can write the snippets in the same enviorment you write your code.
    • It lets you easily mark replacements by a convenient right click menu.
    • It displays properties of the snippet inside the Visual Studio properties window.
  • A Snippet Explorer tool window to search snippets on your computer.
    • It is located under View -> Other Windows -> Snippet Explorer
    • This tool window contains a code preview window which lets to peek inside the snippet to see what it is without opening the file.
    • Maintains an index of snippets on your computer for quick searching.
    • Provides a quick way to find a code snippet to use, edit or delete
  • A right Click "Export as Snippet" menu option added to C#, VB, XML, JavaScript, HTML and SQL code editors to send highlighted code directly to the Snippet Editor

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