the cursor is not going to next line!

when I hit the enter, the cursor is going to beginning of the line. not the next line!! How can I fix it? Please help me. Thank you

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XAML snippet support for VS2013

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On save Issue

Hi I am trying to create a very simple snippet but as soon as I tend to save it I get a "unspecified error" dialog box. Any idea what might be wrong. ? Anshul

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The Addin doesn't show up

The Addin doesn't show up when I using visual studio ultimate 2012 11.0.50727.1RTREL

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Update snippet editor/explorer to match VS theming

With 2012/2013 users can choose themes for the IDE but the snippet designer is not participating in them. It make the plugin look odd.

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Visual Studio 2012 Sticks on opening file diolouge

when i go to start a new snip it just hangs on the main window. the screen goes white (unresponsive) until i kill the window. visual studio 2010 ultimate windows 7 64 bit

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Ability to Set Default Save To Directory

I don't use the default snippet path that VS uses, I have mine on a different drive altogether. Each time I go to save a snippet, the Save dialog opens to the VS default directory, meaning that I h...

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Spelling/Grammatical Mistakes in Options Page

There are a number of spelling/grammatical mistakes in the Options page. Editor: "DefaultLanguage" --> "Default Language" (occurs in option setting & description) "VisualBasic" --> "Visual Basi...

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Export as Snippet not working

When click on Export as Snippet it opens add new website items !!!!!!! I'm using VS 2010 Ultimate on windows 7 64bit. also on selecting File -> New -> File then from window Snippet Designer -> Code...

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Set default language for snippets

I'd like a way to make C# the default language when creating a new snippet. I often forget to alter the selection in the language drop-down box from the default of C++ to C# before I save a snippet.

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